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Support for Eventify™ plugin and more.

NextGEN Resize is plugin that resizes your pictures, photos while they upload, on the fly depending on the options set using the NextGEN Resize control panel screen. It also resizes all images pre-existing or otherwise in a NextGen Gallery on a click of a button! This plugin requires Alex Rabe’s- NextGEN Gallery Plugin, without which the NextGEN Resize plugin simply will not work.

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A function to convert a string to camel case in flex 3 / action script 3. I decided to write one of my own, and I thought I did share it with you guys. Hope this helps some one.

Following a recent post on PHP Frameworks, I thought to take each of these frameworks and write a small tutorial using each of these frameworks. I am going to start with CodeIgniter and use it to create a TellAFriend module.

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