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Its been 3+ years since I last posted on Nearly about the same time since I last updated eventify (my first WordPress plugin) (Last Update Eventify™ WordPress plugin on 17th July, 2014). During this span of inactivity, my job & my personal life, both, have taken most of my time., is and always will be special to me. I started at a time when everything was falling apart, except for my work. And in those 3+ years of inactivity, I have changed & become a different person. I am not designerfoo™ anymore. I can't relate to the person who created that site and to that site and name/brand.

October of 2013, is when I last checked on and eventify™ WordPress plugin. During the checkup I realized that a change has come over me. And this change extends to the site which was home to my work and learning experiences, home to something of a tether for me to hold on to, when everything around me fell, failed. It was and is a tether, not a reflection - which it was meant to be. I was holding on to the brand and the site, because it felt safe, yet it was unseen and uncared for by me. And that's why I bid farewell to Designerfoo™

Both, and Eventify™, need to change and adapt to something bigger, something different. is retired this year - 2014. It has given way to - which is a reflection of who I am and Where I am going. It feels right, like a comfortable pair of jeans that you wish you don't have to wash too often because you would'nt have anything comfortable to wear. A feeling of belonging, if I may.

Eventify™ too has grown from where I started it - Learning to write WordPress plugins by creating a plugin. When I started with Eventify™, I did a lot of research into that name. And no brands were called Eventify™ at that point and it sounded nice. And thus the simple events management plugin was named.

Eventify™ has grown into something bigger. It will now be known as Eventify™ Pro. By the end of 2016, I plan to release the beta for

If you did like to know more about the change to or/and and/or the changes planned for eventify™, or anything else et all, get in touch.

- And thus begins my sojourn.

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